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Gaia baby bath & body wash - we love the product. Plus we feel safe that there are no harmful ingredients in the Gaia Products.

Mrs Cheryl Kong


After reading the brand story and article about this brand, I decided to give it a try. Now I’m so glad I chose GAIA because my son becomes love taking shower now, the bubbles never bother him any more even it got into his eyes. Thank you GAIA! It must because of the natural ingredients that very gentle to kid’s skin and even eyes. I’ll keep purchasing it and explore other GAIA’s products.

                                                                                                       Genevieve Lee


Since i'm from GAIA team, i was thrilled to use GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter on my pregnant belly to showcase its efficacy. True enough, i'm happy my belly is free from stretchmarks!!! I used it post-pregnancy too, for toning purpose & i'm glad it's a safe product to use as i breastfeed my baby exclusively.

Rachel Yang


It’s really a good experience using GAIA Baby Moisturiser and Skin Soothing Cream. I bought both products during Exhibition, and have been using them since then. I use moisturiser on my baby's body and the lotion on her hands and legs during both morning and night. It works just well!

May Ng and baby Nynn


To be honest, no other brands can match GAIA. I always want the best for my baby and this really is a wonderful all-natural skincare range!

Annie and lil' Evan


Gaia smells terrific & no allergies. Have used the whole baby range since birth and love them and recommend them frequently.

Sarah Lee & Baby Aaron


Gaia is helping my family with their dermatitis issues. Being such gentle natural products, my toddler and I don't sting and itch every time we bathe, and washing our hands is no longer the nightmare it once was! Thank you!

Angela Chan


Thanks for making one of the only products that my children are able to use. As a first time mother, I went with a leading brand, as I believe many people do, only to find it was terrible for my child. After this I searched and found your product and have never looked back, now both my children use your products.



Conditioning detangler, it saves so many tears and hours of brushing while keeping all of our hair smelling and looking divine. 



Hi, I purchased the Skin Soothing Cream at Watson's and this is an amazing product! I now use it for everything from nappy rash, eczema, mozzie bites, grazed knees, even on my cold sores and the healing time happens overnight. I only want the best for my daughter which is why I purchased these products for her. I now have most of the range. Thank you for providing these truly beautiful products. 



I love the Baby Powder (talc-free), both myself and my daughters use it, we love the smell. 



Our GAIA baby ambassador! We use the entire baby range on her, and she especially enjoy baby massages with Gaia baby oil! We get comments from others who gush about her nice hair! We tell others its thanks to Gaia!

Chua Family




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