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At GAIA, we believe it is not just what we put in, but also what we leave out that makes the difference!

Finding good skincare products when you or your baby has sensitive skin can feel like an impossible task. Trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you by making sure all of our Australian-made products are effective yet gentle, even on the most delicate skin.

We use ingredients that benefit and support the skin’s structure and take into consideration the differing needs of babies, pregnancy and women and the issues they face when looking after their skin.

All of our products use naturally derived and organic ingredients wherever possible.


We’re not all talk.

We actively spend a lot of time researching and testing every single ingredient that goes into our products (and every single ingredient that shouldn’t) to make sure that our ingredient list reads like a dream. Don’t just trust us though, we also work with a highly skilled team of professional biochemists and aromatherapists to make sure our products reach the highest quality and safety standards. Although the GAIA Skin Naturals story began on a farm, our products are manufactured in professional laboratories by experts that are passionate, resourceful and knowledgeable – even if we do say so ourselves.

Our products are also great for humans and animals. We don’t mean that you should start using our Baby Hair and Body Wash on the dog, but all of our products are completely cruelty-free. We test our products on humans (with their permission, of course), not animals. We also don’t use any animal ingredients and all of our products, except the Nipple Balm and Baby Soothing Cream which contain beeswax, are vegan friendly.




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