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Pure, Natural, Organic for Men!

An effective hair cleanser that removes product build-up without stripping hair of its natural protective oils.


Rosemary revitalises the appearance of the hair. Removes excess oils and dandruff flakes from hair. Rosemary is also a natural deterrent to head lice. 

Certified organic evening primrose oil, an omega-3 "good oil", maintains healthy skin and hair - restoring lustre and sheen.

Certified organic chamomile enhances the appearance of your hair's natural highlights and helps maintain a healthy scalp. 

Use before GAIA Made for Men Conditioner to leave you with healthy, shiny, lustrous hair. 


  • Soap and sulphate free so it gently cleanses your hair and scalp, removing products and build up without stripping natural protective oils.
  • Contains certified organic spearmint is soothing and stimulating to the skin's surface to maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Contains nettle extract, known for being non-irritating, but also stimulating to the skin's surface, promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Contains witch hazel to tone the scalp surface and remove oiliness.

Additional Tip: Massaging your scalp stimulates the blood flow which also stimulates the circulation, promoting healthy hair growth.

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