GAIA Babies Savings Bundle (6 items)


A choice of 6 out of 11 products from our specially curated collection allows for a good mix of product types each month. This plan gives you more freedom to explore other items in the Natural Baby range while receiving the products you know and love.

This plan gives the additional option of choosing the Mini Traveller Set.

At $100 per month, enjoy savings of up to 23% vs ordering individually at retail price! 


Select 6 from 11 items:

  • Natural Baby Powder 100g
  • Baby Massage Oil 125ml
  • Bath & Body Wash 250ml
  • Baby Shampoo 250ml
  • Baby Moisturiser 250ml
  • Skin Soothing Cream 100ml
  • Conditioning Detangler 200ml
  • Sleeptime Bath 250ml
  • Hair & Body Wash 200ml
  • Bamboo Baby Wipes 80s
  • Mini Traveller Set
*No minimum cancellation period.
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